Hello and welcome to Museum Reason!

This is a space to consider art and the many ways that people engage with it. As it would be next to impossible to create an all-encompassing resource for information, my goal is more to provide myself with a forum to save, share, and comment on art and education related ideas that I encounter in discussions with other museum educators, classic museum education readings, museum-generated and museum-related blogs, and the wide world of twitter.

I have two degrees in Art History (an MA from Boston University and a BA from Mount Holyoke College) and I am now contributing to several ongoing education projects at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. My main interests are teacher resources, multi-visit programs, inquiry-based experiences, interactive programming, and museum education theory. I also spent time interning with the Museum of Fine Arts Boston’s education department, working primarily on docent training. I have several years experience teaching in a Montessori environment, as well as several more working with a federally funded program designed to encourage undergraduates from all backgrounds to pursue careers in academia.

I chose the name Museum Reason because that’s what I love to think about – what the reasons for the existence of museums have been, are, and should be. In reasoning out our expectations and aspirations, we are brought up against the limitations of traditional thought about what museums do. But all efforts in this field return to the singular and shared reason for all of these careers – a love of art, and a desire to share that love, to spark it and encourage it in others.

I welcome any comments, questions, ideas, or suggestions that you may have. Thank you for stopping by!