I recently learned of a new-to-me type of program in museum education: the Rubin Museum of Art offers parent involvement workshops. Schools and communities can request that the museum staff travel to their location and introduce activities that will foster conversation about art, learning, goals, and achievement.

It’s developed specifically to create habits of dialogue between the child and parent, and is designed to be used with any type of artwork, not just items in the Rubin. According to my conversation with David Bowles, the Manager of School Programs at the Rubin, the goal  was to help children and their parents develop new ways of communicating about learning.

I think this is a fantastic idea. The child’s experiences with art are supported from multiple areas of his or her life, parents learn new ways to engage with their child, and the benefits extend into other areas of their relationship. Has anyone participated in or developed a program like this? I’ll do some research and follow up here with any similar programs or information that I find!