Yesterday over on Design*Sponge Grace shared an amazing installation at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum. Two brothers created a “field” of fabric-covered foam, set it up on the floor of the Raphael Cartoons Gallery, and encouraged visitors to walk, sit, or lounge on it as they wished.

(Images via Design*Sponge)

You can read more about the installation process and the designers’ hopes for the piece on its website, but like all art, it’s meant to prompt individual reactions and responses. Personally, I’m immediately drawn to the color palette, which seems both calming and energizing, and curious about the experience of using it.

The idea of using this as an item of furniture inside the museum is odd, of course, but I love the way it raises the question of what the “right” way to experience artwork is. Why not lounge on the floor to view art? Would sitting on a comfortable surface encourage a visitor to stay longer, concentrate better, look more closely?

I wish that I could try this out in person… but it’s in London, and only up for a week. If you check it out please share! What do you think?