I’m so disappointed that I won’t be able to attend Shine A Light! The Portland Art Museum is hosting this amazing event on Friday, and designed it to encourage museum visitors to “rethink what can happen in a museum.” As the director of education puts it,

The Museum itself and its long-held conventions—its galleries, ball rooms, coat closets, tours, exhibitions, and publications—all are rethought, remixed and offered up for our examination, participation, and pleasure. Shine on.

They’re not kidding! The event was planned in collaboration with Portland State University’s awesome graduate program in Art and Social Practice, and includes such activities as:

  • Get a haircut inspired by a work of art
  • Hear a series of short poems read in overlooked spaces (coat closets, storage spaces)
  • Play Petanque in the sculpture court (a game similar to bocce)
  • Dance (either square- or break-)
  • Try beers from local breweries and art-inspired recipes by local chefs
  • Get a free tattoo inspired by a work of art (not necessarily temporary!)

I love the tattoo designs that were created based on visits to the museum. Here are the options, along with the works that inspired them (image source and more info: Art Is Forever)

Portland Art Museum

Check out the Shine A Light 2011 brochure for more information! See you next year?